Sedation Dentistry Calms Fears – South Side Dental Center

Who should try sedation dentistry?

It may sound too good to be true, but at South Side Dental Center, sedation dentistry with Dr. Brad Spano really does help you relax through your entire visit. There are no needles involved; you simply take a small pill prior to your visit.

The great news is that whatever makes you uncomfortable about the dentist’s office — sights, sounds, or smells — you won’t notice them during your visit or be affected by them after you’re finished. And there’s no need to worry that the pill will wear off before Dr. Spano is done; it provides up to six hours of complete comfort.

Even if you’ve been putting off dental visits for years, Dr. Spano and the professional team at South Side Dental Center can restore your mouth to good oral health in as little as one visit. Because you’re relaxed and at ease, it’s also easier for the numbing medication to take effect if a procedure is required. Comfort, relaxation, and a healthy mouth — all courtesy of sedation dentistry at South Side Dental Center in Charlottesville, VA.